Baddass Grow Light Electronic Ballast 1000W 120/240


Advanced Nutrients presents Baddass Grow Light Electronic Ballast 1000W with true low frequency grow lights.

On the one hand, digital ballasts offer more technological advances, but because they only run at higher frequencies, many growers find they don’t get the performance they want from their lamps that were designed years ago to operate on low-frequency magnetic ballasts … due to the high-frequency characteristics of these new digital ballasts and the acoustic resonance created by the electronic ballasts most lamp manufacturers won’t approve the operation of their lamps on an electronic ballast…To try and solve this problem, some growers stick to using magnetic ballasts because they operate at lower frequencies, more closely matching lamp technology.

However, if you go that route, then you’re forced to give up the conveniences of newer digital ballasts.

Well, thanks to Advanced Nutrients, you no longer have to compromise!

They’ve developed the first Low-Frequency ballast.


It’s available in a true 1000w electronic ballast with 3-way dimming technology (1000w, 750w, and 500w) or a 4-way dimmable 600w version with a 660w overdrive mode (600w, 450w, 300w) to boost your lumens for the last few weeks of flowering for bigger yields!


The only low-frequency digital square wave ballast technology on the market designed to not only strike but operate both metal halide and high-pressure sodium lamps stable. This technology effectively eliminates spectrum shifting and arc instability in turn producing truer colors.


Highly efficient design and operation reduce electricity, waste, and heat.


Proprietary Square Wave Technology modifies arc shape increasing the effective length and surface area of the arc to produce greater lumens… lamps burn brighter and longer!


Hermetically sealed circuit board, durable construction, and stringent process and quality control promote better operation in harsh environments as well as active cooling reduces component operating temperature and extends component life.

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Baddass Grow Light Electronic Ballast 1000W 120/240

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