Hydroponics Brands

One of the questions I keep returning to is “which brands are the best out there for both nutrients and equipment?”

As a gardener, you can be very satisfied with the performance of the equipment and nutrients on the market. There are some things that more experienced gardeners or people just looking for better quality products know. The following is a list of brands that you should look for if you want to ensure your plants will be healthy and successful in your hydroponic system:

(*This is based on my own experience and some research I’ve done online)

The 8 Best Hydroponics Brands

1) Advanced Nutrients:

This company makes plants grow faster than any other product on the market. I’ve never had anything but good results with them and their customer service is amazing when it is needed.

2) General Hydroponics:

General Hydroponics is a California-based hydroponics company. The products they sell are really standardized and extremely well tested, which makes it easier to be sure what you’ll get from them will work properly for your garden or greenhouse.

3) Grotek Nutrients:

Grotek is an Australian-based company that specializes in hydroponics nutrients. One of their big advantages is that they sell concentrates for everything they make, so you know how concentrated it will be every time you buy it.

4) Greenleaf Nutrients:

Greenleaf is a Canadian company that began by selling hydroponics nutrients and devices specifically for warehouses and greenhouses. They now sell their products mostly online to smaller customers, but their quality is still the same.

5) Hydro Organics:

This company makes a great range of products, including some really specialized ones like the BioThrive line and Root 66.

6) Hydro Dynamics:

Hydro Dynamics is a U.S. company that offers hydroponics nutrients and devices. They keep their nutrient line small, which allows them to make sure they can offer the most effective products available.

7) Gavita:

Gavita has become an international brand for horticulture lighting systems that can be used in greenhouses and indoor gardens. They also offer a wide range of nutrient products to work with their lights, which you can get on their website.

8) Xtrasun:

Xtrasun is a U.S. based company that specializes in hydroponics nutrients and other growing equipment. They have been providing quality products to American farmers for over 40 years, so they definitely know what they’re doing by now.

Xtrasun has a unique line of nutrients that have been designed especially for their lights, which they sell on their website. They also offer a wide range of light systems and accessories.

I have linked each name to their Amazon page so you can see what they are selling and current prices and decide which brand of nutrients to buy.